Launch of MonaVie EMV energy drink

October 22, 2011Posted by Mark N Hopgood


EMV is a new healthy energy drink. Endorsed by athletes and boasting an 80% fruit content, EMV stands apart from sugary water based drinks. EMV contains the world's most powerful superfruit and offers up to twice as longer lasting energy than other brands.
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Welcome to 2help2

August 08, 2011Posted by Mark N Hopgood


This is 2help2, an organisation dedicated to helping people. Started in 2009 and helping people to look at life in a new way. Currently in the UK and London there are 20 people chasing every job vacancy. The question is, what's the alternative to a job?

Each week, in London and every day online, 2 people help 2 people to start a business, generate a second income and better themselves.

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Connect with us

August 05, 2011Posted by Marion Crist


You can connect with us in the following ways.

  • Meet in London on Thursday evening. 7pm @ Charing Cross Station
  • Connect on our facebook page - click like
  • Shop in our store - click here to order 2help2 T-Shirts
  • Follow our 2help2 blog

    August 03, 2011Posted by Brigham Heart


    Our 2help2 blog has been set up to allow us to post important information and updates about our here to read the 2help2 blog.